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Managing Stress No Matter How Busy You Are

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The Balanced Achiever Method

A 12-week program based on Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness, to help corporate high achievers to release chronic stress, let go of anxiety and optimise their well-being, no matter how busy life gets!

"At the end of the day, BAM was the best way I could have invested in myself and my only regret is that I didn't know about the program earlier."

Valerie Cantave, BAM Alumni, Jan. 2021

Ready to finally find real BALANCE?

What people are saying...

"BAM has been an amazing experience !! I’ve learned so much about my health, the balance I needed in my life, and more generally about myself ! I feel like I finally have the tools to be the best version of myself ! Was it challenging ? Sure ! But it was allllll worth it !! I know now that I have this ability to work on myself and that’s something very new and exciting to me !!! I could go on forever but I will instead keep it short and sweet : THANK YOU ! "


S., BAM Graduate, Oct. 2020

"This was an extraordinary adventure. The program allowed me to calm down, be more confident and positive about my daily challenges. Before BAM, I did not know that mental health could be improved so quickly, with simple and regular practices and an encouraging coach of course! Now I feel that I respect myself, my needs and my boundaries (meaning that I wasn't before - and that was bit harsh to acknowledge). I also don't fear personal or professional challenges anymore because I trust myself and know how to find my way between deadlines and self-care."

BAM Graduate, Jan. 2021



The Balanced-Achiever Method is a 12-week journey.Every week, you will move through various milestones, which are based on my personal style of Yoga, mindfulness and coaching, and which are designed to help you release stress and optimise your health.

Audit & Honesty

Take inventory of the stress factors in your life and of the habits that it is time to leave behind. Immediately start implementing a transformative and effective new Morning Ritual. Change happens right here, in week 1!


Get ready for some mindset shifts. Learn how to finally make self-care and your well-being your top priority, no matter how busy you are. Learn the main reasons why we neglect self-care and how not to fall into those traps! You will leave this module ready to treat self-care as a discipline to practice every single day.

Stress & Anxiety Release

Now that you’re ready to put yourself first, I will teach you powerful tools & practices to get your stress & anxiety under control, both at work, and at home. You will leave this module with a complete stress-management toolbox!

Energy Mastery

In this module you’ll learn how to manage your energy and recharge your batteries on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. I will also teach you the most powerful relaxation tool that I have found, after almost a decade of practicing yoga. A tool you will have for the rest of your life!

Creating Lasting Change

Consolidate all of your amazing results to make sure that BAM isn't just a 3-month phase in your life. Your life will never be the same!


"When starting BAM, I was unsure of how much the program would actually be able to impact me and allow me to make real change in my life. But now, having gone through the program, I feel like I am a very different/much better version of myself. The practices that Vic has taught me have been instrumental to the positive changes I'm seeing take place in my life now. I loved the fact that Vic understands that everyone is different, and she never pushed me to do anything that really wouldn't work for me. Rather she merely encouraged me to remain open to the process, which I did, in order to find and connect with the practices that really spoke to me. Because of this, I have a cache of regular self-care practices that I actually enjoy engaging in. I also loved that Vic was EXTREMELY supportive throughout this whole process. My favorite part of every week during the program was the coaching call because that's where I feel like a lot of my breakthroughs occurred. None of it would have been possible without Vic! At the end of the day, BAM was the best way I could have invested in myself and my only regret is that I didn't know about the program earlier."

Valerie Cantave, BAM Graduate, Jan. 2021

"What a great journey of discovery: Victoria has put together a program that allows you to effectively reduce stress, giving you a series of easily accessible tools, and sharpen your self-awarness in the process. I would hands-down recommend this program to any professional looking for stress relief!"


L, BAM Graduate, Oct. 2020



Video Modules

When you enroll in BAM, you will get a unique access login to 12 weeks of video modules based on the Milestones described above. Those video modules consist of Meditation practices, breath work, Yoga classes, and coaching talks.

Lifetime Access

Once you're in, you're in for life! You will keep your login to the online course forever so that you can dive back into the content any time you need a refresher or an extra boost of energy. 

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Every week, you and I will hop on a 50mn 1:1 Zoom call in order to dive into deeper reflective and introspective work, to answer any of your questions on the video modules, and to tailor the teachings to your unique experience and your unique needs. So many breakthroughs happen during the coaching sessions! By choosing the coaching modality you also get personalised "homework", session summaries as well as unlimited in-between session support via instant messaging! I will also be sending you well-being challenges every week!

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