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Monthly Well-Being Check-In Process

A FREE Workshop in celebration of my coaching program's 2-year anniversary! 

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 2022

8pm CET

Zoom (link will be sent)

In this FREE Zoom Workshop, I will teach you the Monthly Well-Being Check-In Process that I teach all of my clients, in order to be able to take a monthly self-assessment of the areas of your life that have the biggest impact on your well-being, acknowledge yourself for what's going well, and make a plan for the areas that require more attention.

This process will allow you to consistently prioritise your health, well-being and happiness and keep evolving into the Best version of yourself, month after month. 

You'll learn...

✔️ What are the 10 pillars of health & well-being (i.e. the 10 areas of life that have the biggest impact on your well-being)

✔️ How to take a self-assessment of the pillars of health 

✔️ How to create an action plan to keep prioritizing your well-being every month. 


Register Here

Yay! You will receive the Zoom link by email. See you then!
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