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Letting go of emotional eating: A comprehensive guide

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Does this ever happen to you? After a long day of work, the only thing you can think about is getting home to eat that block of cheese in your fridge. Or perhaps you often can't stop eating until you're feeling (very) uncomfortably full. Or maybe you often find yourself distracting yourself through food. Sounds familiar? 

I bet you've asked yourself a few times: what the heck is wrong with me? Let me answer that one real quick: nothing's wrong with you. You, like so many other women, may struggle with "emotional eating". That's all. And here's the good news: emotional eating is definitely something that you can work on. 

In this guide I will break down the 5 steps which have helped me, and my clients, let go of that pesky habit. Get ready to dive in!

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80mn lecture on Meditation Self-Guidance

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I see you. You've tried all the meditation apps, recordings and videos. You told yourself a thousand times that you should start meditating regularly, but for some reason those apps on your phone haven't been opened in weeks. You dream of being able to just guide yourself through meditation... just you, your breath, and your capacity to drop in. But when you sit there... you don't know what to do. Do you just sit there?! What do you do with all your thoughts?! Let me demystify self-guided meditation in this free 80mn lecture. Get ready to practice!

Zero-Time Self-Care Guide

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So you're busy as hell, tired of hearing everyone tell you that you need to practice Yoga every morning and meditate every night. But most of all, you're tired of hearing people tell you that you have to MAKE time for these things. It's like they don't get that you *ACTUALLY* don't have the time! I hear you. And I gotchu. The practices in this guide add ZERO time to your schedule, yet are so powerful to keep your body and mind happy & healthy. Enjoy!

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