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When we are under a lot of stress at work, our loved ones tend to get the worst version of us rather than the best. Let's change that.  

Do you tend to snap at your partner?
Does your family get the worst of your bad mood?
Are you always pleasant and smiley at work yet, at home, sarcasm has become your second language?

In this course, we'll cover

Why our loved ones get the worst of us

Why is it that our colleagues get to enjoy the smiley, pleasant, friendly version of us, and we reserve the sarcastic, unpleasant, worst version of us for the people who love us the most?!

Remaining Mindful through Anchoring

Explore the practice of Anchoring as a way to be more present with your internal experience so as not to "spill" your emotions on your loved ones at the end of the day. 

Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Regulation

Take full responsibility for your emotions and learn my very best tools to release emotions such as annoyance/anger/tension

The "Gap"

Through mindfulness, learn to introduce a "gap", or a moment in time, between an event and your reaction to that event, so that you can embody your Best Self.

The Power of Vulnerability

Learn to ask for what you need and open yourself up to honest, vulnerable conversations with your loved ones. Leave sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness behind for good!

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