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The Balanced Achiever Method

6 months to eliminate chronic stress & anxiety and create real BALANCE in your life, through the power of mindfulness, healthy habits and optimal self-care. 

"At the end of the day, BAM was the best way I could have invested in myself and my only regret is that I didn't know about the program earlier."

Valerie Cantave, BAM Alumni, Jan. 2021

Does this sound like you?


... always feel anxious. Work is always in the back of your mind and you have trouble disconnecting. 

... feel overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities and struggle to stay calm and grounded. 

... constantly feel exhausted, like you are at the end of your rope. 

... often are in a bad mood, like the smallest thing could make you snap. 

... don't have any time or energy for the things or for the people that you love.

... feel like work has completely taken over your private life.

... have noticed some physical consequences of the stress you're under: poor sleep, troubled digestion, low libido, ... 

... don't feel like your normal, youthful, joyful, energised Self anymore!

and you wish...

... that you could handle all of your responsibilities with calm, grounded energy, 

... that you could cultivate a healthy lifestyle, based on a positive mindset, healthy habits and daily self-care, 

... that you could feel energised at the end of your work day, 

... that you could eliminate chronic stress and anxiety from your life, along with all of their negative consequences on your health, 

... that you could create real *balance* in your life, 

... that you could feel like YOURSELF again, 

... without having to compromise on your hard work and professional ambition!

Hi, I'm Victoria!

For a long time, I lived a double life. See, before I became a full-time health coach & yoga teacher, I was a lawyer with a secret passion for the world of wellness. 


I did the whole thing: law school, passing the bar exam, internships, two master’s degrees, a prestigious job as a commercial counsel in a big organisation… I was (and still am!) a very high-achiever. I bet this is something we have in common: when we do something, we either do it 100% or not at all… right? 


I got into mindfulness when I first started law school as a way to relax. I was going through a lot in my life and I suffered from extremely high levels of stress - so much so that I lost almost half of my hair and developed a myriad of health issues. I realized that something needed to change and started going to my local yoga studio every week, learned meditation, and educated myself about proper nutrition and holistic health. 


That’s when the obsession started ;) 


Since then, I have accumulated almost a thousand hours of formal training as a yoga & mindfulness instructor and completed a one-year certification in holistic nutrition health coaching from IIN, the world’s largest nutrition school. I have a passion for learning, but even more than that, a passion for teaching. 


I see stress & anxiety all around me. It’s like it has become a new trend. Or rather, an epidemic. But I believe that you can do the job you love AND be healthy. That you can hustle AND feel energised at the end of the day. That you can work hard AND be happy.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed myself as well as dozens of my clients to eliminate chronic stress & anxiety and create real *balance" in our lives, based on the three pillard of mindfulness, healthy habits and optimal self-care. 

That is how "the Balanced Achiever Method" was born!


They have ditched anxiety for good... and so can you!

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Prachi, BAM Alumni (Lawyer)

BAM is a great program. When I joined, I was under tremendous stress, which was affecting my mental and physical health a lot. I really didn't know how to fix it. The practices and conversations with Vivi totally changed my perspective and, to my own surprise, I have so much less stress, in every aspect of life, or would rather say that I have learnt how to manage it. This is really a first time for me, ever. 

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Gabriela, BAM Alumni (Project Manager in the luxury industry)

The BAM program has provided me with the right tools to face everyday challenges with another mindset where I feel more powerful, energized and with the ability to change everything I want. If we put in the effort, everything is possible.

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Alexandra, BAM Alumni (Doctor)

The mix of various mindfulness techniques  combined with theory on our subconscious & conscious mind together with regular calls leads to a breathtaking transformation. It's been such a wonderful journey of discovering myself, accepting & loving myself again and finding my way back to my positive energy. I'm so happy I decided to start this program and looking back I can't really understand why I waited so long to start. 

Your ambition doesn't have to go anywhere. 

I'm a hard worker too - I get it.

You get to have both: the successful career AND a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Let me show you how.

The Blueprint

MODULE 1: Healthy Habits

  • Session 1: Identify the self-sabotaging habits that contribute to your stress levels and let them go once and for all Put in place the BAM Morning Ritual: a daily meditation practice that will create positive change in your life right here in Week 1!

MODULE 2: Self-Care

  • Session 2: Identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back from making your well-being a top priority and operate a powerful mindset shift to transform the way that you perceive self-care!

  • Session 3: Take radical self-responsibility for your own life and your own well-being and cultivate self-discipline as a beautiful form of self-love. 

MODULE 3: Effective Stress & Anxiety Management

  • Session 4: Understand how your thoughts shape your daily reality and shift the way that you perceive stressful situations. 

  • Session 5: Learn the BAM 4-step stress-release sequence that you will be able to use any time you are feeling stressed-out or anxious! Transform the way that you respond to external stressors. 

  • Session 6: At the half-way point of the program, reconnect to your WHY and set your intention for the second half to make sure that you stay on track!

  • Session 7: Learn how to effectively disconnect from work, how to be more present in your life and how to regulate your emotions after a stressful day at work. 

  • Session 8: Improve the quality & quantity of your sleep, implement an evening routine and learn to balance your energy so that you are not switched ON all the time. 

MODULE 4: Energy Mastery

  • Session 9: Let yourself be guided through a healing Yoga Nidra session and continue practicing Yoga Nidra regularly on your own after this session!

  • Session 10: Learn to manage your energy on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally. Gain back your enthusiasm for life and stop being tired all the time!

MODULE 5: Long-Term Results

  • Session 11: Put in place everything you'll need to make sure that you can maintain your amazing results once the program is over. You are ready to fly with your own wings!

  • Session 12: Close the program by reflecting on the main lessons learned and the way that your life has changed in the past 24 weeks!



12 bi-weekly 90mn 1:1 coaching sessions, following the proven BAM Blueprint, for a total duration of 24 weeks. 


Before each session, you'll receive a detailed agenda as well as workbook to help you come prepared!


After each session, you will receive a detailed session summary, with supplementary resources or questions for further reflection. 


Text me at any time in between sessions if you need extra support! I am here for you! 


More Testimonials!

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A., BAM Alumni (Marketing Vice President)

When I started BAM I suffered from extreme anxiety, difficulty sleeping and a sense that something needed to change. By the time I finished BAM, my anxiety had almost disappeared and I felt like I had the tools to overcome any difficult situation with a positive mindset and healthy sense of boundaries. I loved Vic’s approach to commitment, questioning how and why we undermine ourselves in striving to become more balanced individuals, and the structure really helped me access each tool as I was ready. Cannot recommend BAM highly enough!

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Valerie Cantave, BAM Almni (Lawyer)

When starting BAM, I was unsure of how much the program would actually be able to impact me and allow me to make real change in my life. But now, having gone through the program, I feel like I am a very different/much better version of myself. The practices that Vic has taught me have been instrumental to the positive changes I'm seeing take place in my life now. None of it would have been possible without Vic! At the end of the day, BAM was the best way I could have invested in myself and my only regret is that I didn't know about the program earlier.

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Anonymous, BAM Alumni (PHD Candidate)

This was an extraordinary adventure. The program allowed me to calm down, be more confident and positive about my daily challenges. Before BAM, I did not know that mental health could be improved so quickly, with simple and regular practices and an encouraging coach of course! 


So, is BAM the right program for you?


>> Hard-working, ambitious, successful Career Women who work long hours at a high-pressure job and refuse to sacrifice their health in the process.

>> Entrepreneurs who are determined to have a successful business but who take their mental and physical health very seriously.

>> Students who know that prioritising their health is the key to succeeding.


>> Anyone looking for a "quick fix" and who is not ready to do deep introspective work. 

>> Anyone who is more committed to being "right" about their story of how tough life is than to creating positive change in their lives. 

>> Anyone who is not ready to dive deep into self-development 

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