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To the ambitious Career Women who Refuse to Sacrifice their Health in the Process of their Career...

Anxiety Antidote

The #1 KEY Ingredient to Eradicate Chronic Stress & Chronic Anxiety from your Life

A FREE 3-Part Training - Now OPEN for Registration!


In this EPIC 3-part training, you will learn...

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The KEY ingredient without which eliminating chronic stress & anxiety from your life would be absolutely impossible & The 3-part formula that will help you transform the way you perceive and respond to stressful situations. 


All about our subconscious mind's natural tendencies, how those can keep us stuck in a cycle of stress & anxiety, and how to get OUT of that negative cycle.  


The 6 stepping stones that I have used to take dozens of clients from chronically stressed-out to a place where a successful career can coexist with a beautiful state of well-being.

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You do not need to choose between your health and your career. You get to have both.


3 trainings of 1h each

Immediately implementable tools & practices 

A 28p Workbook to help you implement the teachings

Homework to do in-between sessions so as to start seeing positive change right away

Email interaction with me throughout the whole training 

This will be the most impactful mini-training I have ever put out!

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