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Hi! I'm Victoria.

For a long time, I lived a double life. See, before I became a full-time yoga teacher & holistic health coach, I was a lawyer with a secret passion for the world of well-being and spirituality.

I got into Yoga when I first started law school as a way to relax. I was going through a lot in my life and suffered from extremely high levels of stress & anxiety - so much so that I lost almost half of my hair and developed various other health issues. I decided something needed to change and I started going to my local yoga studio every week and learned about proper nutrition and holistic health.

That’s when the obsession started ;)

Since that time, I have accumulated almost a thousand hours of formal training as a Yoga instructor and have completed a one-year certification in holistic nutrition health coaching from IIN, the world’s largest nutrition school. I have a passion for learning, but even more than that, a passion for teaching and sharing the beautiful tools that I have been using to upgrade every aspect of my own well-being in the past decade.

I am so excited that you are here and cannot wait to witness the positive changes that you implement into your life as a result.

With love always,


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