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Ready to build a solid, long-lasting meditation practice?


In 15x15, you will get a meditation practice schedule and will start meditating every single day, right from DAY 1. On top of that, every day, you will get a new short lesson (between 5 and 15mn on average) on meditation to help you understand the practice better and make it a true part of your life. You can get started with daily meditation as early as today!

The great thing about 15x15 is that you will learn a classic meditation technique that can be practiced anywhere, anytime... as you are commuting, waiting in your dentist's waiting room, whilst taking a shower - this technique will accompany you for years to come!

The Curriculum

DAY 1. The Technique & Practice Schedule 

DAY 2. How to Sit in Meditation

DAY 3. "I Can't Turn My Brain Off!"

DAY 4. When It's Hard to Focus

DAY 5. Meditation is not Supposed to Feel Good

DAY 6. Physical Pain in Meditation

DAY 7. Reaction VS Response: How Meditation Benefits your Daily Life

DAY 8. Picking the Length of your Meditation Practice

DAY 9. When there are Distractions Around 

DAY 10. Discipline VS Attachment 

DAY 11. Variety VS Consistency 

DAY 12. "Living" your Meditation 

DAY 13. "I Don't Have Time to Meditate"... Yeah Right!

DAY 14. Should I Meditate Every Day? 

DAY 15. Making Meditation a Long-Lasting Habit 

>> Finally understanding what meditation is really about 

>> Developing a solid, daily meditation practice that will benefit you for years to come  

>> Knowing how to guide yourself through a full meditation session, without recordings or apps...

>> Experiencing profound relaxation & mindfulness on a daily basis

>> Being able to be more focused, clear-minded and present in meditation & in life!

>>  Knowing how to truly "live" your meditation & experience its amazing benefits in your daily life

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That is exactly what I teach you inside of 15x15!

Get started with daily meditation as early as today!

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